About us

We are a spirits producer company specialized in Premium Brands. Our portfolio includes popular products such as Premium Scotch Whisky, Single Highland Malt , Polish Vodka and London Dry Gin. Our production facilities are located where the production takes place. Our distribution is handled through the company’s distribution centre in Spain.

Our Company

Is part of the CINSA group, founded in 1963. It is 100 % financially independent and is owned by “De la Fuente" family. Our strategy is focused on build our brands in an open and useful project for all who participate on it. The aim of our business is to give consumers the satisfaction of enjoying with all their sense, not only a top quality spirit but also a unique presentation.

Our Vision

We work in a tough, turbulent industry where competition is stiff and where room for growth is therefore limited. We are proud to say that our vision includes the skill needed to achieve any target we set ourselves, combining the:

-Ability to create value:
Being innovative and dynamic, always up to the challenge in ever changing market.

-Skill to build brands:
We believe in long-term performance, we do not sacrifice results for short-term gains.

-Courage to Act Responsibly:
We act in a way that allows us to face the world with confidence.